Production profile

Cast Iron Foundry - DRAŻEL specializes in manufacturing all kinds of weights for tractors, agricultural machinery and other industrial equipment. We offer a variety of products of reputable global brands, produced by us on behalf of our regular customers.


The basic products are: plate / suitcase weights of the weight range from 15 kg to 80kg and solid / monolithic weights in a TUZ system of the weight range from 600 kg to 1500 kg.


The remaining production in that segment are also another weights, such as wheels, rail traction, elevators, etc.


Our production profile provides various types of components such as elements for agricultural machinery and other industrial equipment (for example various types of wheels and rings for cultivation shafts).


The complement production is different types of finishing and decorative elements.


We are able to produce a lot of iron cast elements out of the basic production. To start the process we need technical documentation or the pattern.