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Iron Cast Foundry "DRAŻEL™" is located in Starogard Gdański at Traugutta 56 street. The owner of The Foundry is "DRAŻEL™" Sp. z o.o. company with its office in Tczew at Malinowska 18 street.

Historically DRAŻEL continues the tradition of casting in Starogard Gdański, where the first melt was held on March 29 in 1934.


That day was commemorated by a plaque, which was made ​​during the first cast in the foundry. Plaque still hangs in the main hall of the foundry.

Out of the core business "DRAŻEL™" company buys steel and iron scrap. We still cooperate with "Handel Piotr Wrycza" company located in Tczew.

Production profile

Cast Iron Foundry - DRAŻEL specializes in manufacturing all kinds of weights for tractors, agricultural machinery and other industrial equipment. We offer a variety of products of reputable global brands, produced by us on behalf of our regular customers.


The basic products are: plate / suitcase weights of the weight range from 15 kg to 80kg and solid / monolithic weights in a TUZ system of the weight range…

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Drażel Sp. z o. o. w Starogardzie Gdańskim
ul. Uliczna 1023, 83-110 Tczew

Dane do kontaktu pośredniego:

Adres e-mail: biuro@drazel.eu
Telefon: 00 989 989 989
Fax: 00 989 989 989

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